ana is a continuous thank you… from you to your employee

anaVentures is a Dubai based company that delivers an innovative solution to the challenges of employee retention in the competitive market of the United Arab Emirates.

ana developed a powerful platform that connects employees of leading companies through a corporate branded application to exclusive discounts provided by the region’s most coveted brands... ana is designed to instantly become your company’s non-monetary benefit program.

Recent studies assert that the company’s relationship with its team is built on more than a pay cheque.

Imagine it’s your birthday... would you rather your best friend bought you a beautifully wrapped gift or handed you its monetary value? It’s exactly the same in the workplace. Non-monetary benefits are often the most effective way to create a productive workplace and increase employee loyalty … not to mention it's budget-friendly!

In addition to being a powerful employee discount program, ana also provides statistics on the redeemed values making the benefit’s impact on your employee quantifiable and measurable.

Granting your staff lifestyle benefits is a powerful retention tool that maintains a productive workplace!

How Does It Work!


Our Latest Product from Ana Benefits

"Imtiyazat" Initiative for Federal Government Employees that considiring one of the largest community-based initiatives in United Arab Emirates. where as the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources 'FAHR' undertakes the responsibility for coordinating and interplying with institutions and private sector companies, in addition to entering partnerships with them to provide special discounts to the federal government employees and their families for services and goods.


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