Share updates, images and videos within channels, with the option of interacting, liking and commenting with posts.

Poll and Surveys

Increase participation and engagement, understand your employees and help them understand you.

Discount Program

Employees will enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers given by the region’s most coveted brands. They will have the option to either redeem it at the stores or purchase online!

Evens and Calendars

Share the company’s events with details and the option to attend/reject/or Share.


Share official corporate news and announcements to all employees.


Provide easy access to all of the company’s documents, policies, guides and other corporate collateral with the ability of downloading and sharing.


A powerful and a simple tool to securely manage all aspects of the app from management, to editing and content moderation. In addition to detailed analytical tool to measure the effectiveness of your application and request for more!


  • Workforce in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, countries boasting the highest smartphone penetration rates in the Middle East, is fast evolving into a new generation which strongly believes in mobile working regardless of time and location.
  • More corporations in the Middle East are recognizing the benefits of the BYOD (bring your own devices) model, allowing for mobile working, and continuous accessibility, and as a result, are encouraging employees to utilize their chosen mobile device.
  • A recent study by Google’s Our Mobile Planet Survey revealed that the Middle East has one of the highest smartphone penetration rates in the world. The survey further revealed that the smartphone penetration rates in the region were highest in the UAE at 73.8 per cent, and Saudi Arabia at 72.8 per cent.


For Human Resources:

  • Create an accessible communication hub powerful experience with easy access to all types of content, news, documents.
  • Provide a bigger picture about the company, mission, vision, objectives..
  • Make employees collaborate, engage with their management and colleagues and more.
  • keep employees loyal, happy and productive

EmployeeFor Employees

  • An accessible place where all information is available to read, save, share, and interact with.
  • Be connected and get in touch wherever they are, at any time..
  • Appreciation, rewards, motivation..



  • One way communication with your team.
  • Knowledge base that is available for your team anywhere.
  • Social new and announcements in one place.
  • Channels can be available for everyone or it can be targeted for certain groups. You can share with your team anything you would like (ex: images, videos, polls, surveys, or even a website url)


You would like to do a vote on team events this summer? Why don’t you do a survey on ANA

  • You can do a multi choice survey with custom input.
  • Reporting percentages can be viewed from the admin interface.
  • Surveys will always give you an insight on what do your team want.

Team Feedback

Would you like to hear out from your team? They can always reach out to you through the feedback feature in ANA app!

Simply you can view all of the feedbacks in the admin interface and reply back to your employees. Also your employees can post a fully anonymous feedbacks.


Do you arrange company events? Why don’t you share it with your team through ANA, enough with email spamming and lost messages!

  • Events is integrated with mobile calendar.
  • Events can also be public or targeted to a certain group.
  • You can always check who’s going and who’s not.


Did you ever find yourself wondering where would you sell your car, or your unwanted gifts?

Well this can be easily done through ANA!

  • Any employee can post through the classified channel.
  • All of the posts added by the employees will require an approval first by the administrator.


  • Now you are wondering how the employees will be know that something happened in the app.
  • User targeted notifications will be sent on every new post for the affected users.

Discount Program

Employees will enjoy exclusive discounts and special offers given by the region’s most coveted brands. They will have the option to either redeem it at the stores or purchase online!


What about registration? This will be hard to handle huh? Of course NOT. With ANA,employees will be able to register directly through the app without prior invitations, the only have to verify their business email.  Or, you can simply upload an excel file with all of the employees, and boom everybody is automatically registered and verified.


No matter where you go, ANAwill be with you with our mobile apps for iOS, and Android